Snap-Fit Design Workspace


Version 3.0

Copyright© 2006 BASF Corporation


Version 3.0 includes the following updates:


·       Added ability to solve for required snap deflection with known push-on or pull-off force for all Uniform and Tapered Beams.

·       New results are added at the top of the result page (instead of the bottom). 

·       ERROR statements(s) in result page are highlighted in red.

·       All possible property input boxes are displayed and all entered data retained for a particular snap type (regardless if used in current calculation or not).

·       Fields that are required for a particular equation are identified with an asterisk (*).

·       Removed temperature selection since only material properties at 23 DegC are available at this time.

·       Each entry box can be highlighted by using just a single click instead of double-click.

·       Standard gray buttons are used for Help and Clear.

·       Removed ability to choose Q Factors.  The program now uses “aggressive” Q values for Type I and Type V Uniform Beams.  All other snap types use “conservative” Q values.

·       Removed moisture conditioned property options for Material Trade Name selections other than Ultramids.

·       Fixed incorrect Tapered Beam deflection calculations.


Please refer to the help section for more information on any of these topics.


Note that the calculated forces and deflections are at maximum permissible strain. For your actual forces, check deflection at the forces given and multiply by the ratio of your required deflection to the deflection given at maximum strain.



This information and results derived from the Snap Fit Calculator are provided for your guidance only.  We urge you to make all tests you deem appropriate and necessary prior to use.  No warranties, either express or implied, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, are made regarding products described or information set forth, or that such products or information may be used without infringing patents of others.  The customer assumes full responsibility for the results obtained from the use of this program and for the application of such results.